1. Suh Dude

    [WIP] Johnny V2

    Here's Johnny! He's 3 years old now! Anyone mind converting it for ESForces? :D
  2. Optimus Prime

    Johnny Cash, you da man.

    Johnny cash passed away this morning at the age of 71... I was first introduced to Johnny Cash's music by my dad. He bought the greatest hits CD as kind of a comforting thing because it reminded him of his dad who is long passed and who loved Johnny Cash... I am sure some day I will own...
  3. Death The Jedi

    I need an animator....

    I've finished a model, but the animations are ****ed up. You can see what's wrong in the screenshots, and every single animation has the same problem. If anyone can help me, please do, I'm in great need of an animator...(and maybe a new skinner too......) Oh yeah, it's a model...
  4. Death The Jedi

    Johnny's Aura Color

    What color do you want Johnny's aura? Here's a pic of the model, so you can tell me what you think would look good:
  5. SSj_Gotenks95

    Johnny Model

    I think we should make a model of Johnny from Johnny the Homicidal Maniac. That would be really cool anybody willing to make it I will help as much as possiible.