1. Mkilbride

    The First Law Trilogy / Best Served Cold / The Heroes / Red Country - Joe Abercrombie

    Anyone read this mans books?! Each one is a freaking hit! I can't believe it. I read his first book and thought it was pretty bad, for the first chapter or two, then, as it continued, it just became so good, to the point I thought it could ONLY go downhill, but each book he adds, RAISES THE...
  2. sub

    Rep Joe Barton (Republican from Texas) thinks he stumped a Nobel Laureate with this and These people are running our government. And we wonder why we're so ****ed
  3. Grega

    Joe surn :p

    Pcjoe<!--rlm--> (19) Have a great 19 man :p Have a chick :p And hapy birthday ^^
  4. Phobius

    G.I. Joe: Sigma 6

    So who watched the preview this morning on fox or whatever station you may get it on? I'm a huge fan of G.I. Joe loved the old cartoon which I got up early every morning too watch when I was younger and I was shocked too see they sort of brought it back. Series premieres September 10th and...
  5. S

    Comments on Joe's FXscript

    good **** man
  6. grOOvy

    Pimp the joe, PIMP him.

    Pimp the joe, PIMP him. What'cha think?
  7. NightShade

    Hey bob? or was it joe?

    Since i been gone for some months. I had someone making me a gothic looking custom made char. And someone else using some custom sounds. Who was it? *sorry i dont know who to pm and to many aim names to keep up with* Trying to find the person who doing it. seeing how things went. if it goes...
  8. S

    Tribute to Joe Strummer... but i messed it up

    well i hope people know who Joe Strummer is, he was in the clash, one of the best punk bands of all time, and he died this year, so i decided to do some kind of tribute to him.... but unfortunately i messed up the pic and it doesnt look too good :'(, oh well, practice makes perfect:
  9. stiffdog


    lol, this drawing:chevy looks like one of the tires are flat. i now have a forum: joe's forum
  10. E

    Viewtiful Joe

    Hey guys, I don't know how many of you have gamecubes. But if you do you'll want to check out this game when it comes out. Viewtiful Joe is going to be one awesome game. I have played the demo for it and it is amazing. I can't wait to play the rest of it. For more details check out...
  11. M

    What the, Joe Zombie?!?!?!

    Joe Zombie, some prick is using a good web cartoon series, name and doing bad with it..... He seems to be on YOUR guy's offical ESF servers and just overflowing many, many people...... ( constantly getting kicked from server) How do we fix this? Can we do what CS servers do, make a black...
  12. R

    Joe Eigo = Legend

    I just wanted to show you people this video of a guy called Joe Eigo. I dont know the guy, but this video has made me think he is a legend. Well enough blabbering, heres the link......
  13. TimTheEnchantor

    Experiment Manip 2

    The blood under the eyes, I am still working on...please NOTE that lol.. This is a test version below, please note I just want to see comparison's between the two. The one below has no water texture, the top does.
  14. MONXver2.0

    Joe almighty

    I was on one of the main ESF server when I first saw Pc joe , he is pretty darn good. Also night shade was there, he isn't half bad either , well heres some screen shots. He hit me , my beam hits him , everyone wins. But when I respawn he trew me around like a rag doll.:fight: In this...
  15. S

    You want a TOTALLY destructable map??

    you only have to wait until tomorrow, or monday...
  16. MONXver2.0

    Pc Joe Cult

    Or what ever you want to call it, i've seen about 5 sigs now that say Lover of Pc Joe. Wonder how this all started, any ideas Joe? Anyways i'm just wondering what you guys think of this strange event.;/
  17. G

    Pc Joe

    I love you ! And Where can i get your Particle System of Lagginess ? i'd do this in a PM but you'd probally think it was Sexual Harassment or somethin :/
  18. R

    Too many modifiers! (Skin help)

    I'm skinnig, using 3ds max 4... Okay after I set one uvwmap and a uvw unwrap, you have edit save etcetc... I'm sure you would want to save it right? as the uvw for that part... also... After I'm done skinning something I have about a bagillion modifiers! Such as edit mesh, edit mesh, edit...
  19. T

    Please Some Art No More Sigs!!!

    comeon i come to the artwork sectiont o see some artwork maybe compare it to mine. but all i see are these st00pid sig posts!!! SIGS ARE NOT ART!!!!:devil:
  20. G

    Uhh PC Joe

    does that really count as spam ?? i asked him for the member only models (read the title ) and well... i cant really explain that any better in a post ( no offence meant )