1. Deathshot

    R.I.P. Steve Jobs

    So Steve Jobs has passed away sadly. Cancer seems to take a lot of good people.,0,1001171.story
  2. Rocky

    Steve Jobs writes an open letter - Flash snubbed on all Apple products Absolutely ridiculous, as an iPhone owner and a web developer who works extensively with Flash developers and Flash applications, it amazes me to no end the level of hypocrisy dripping from Steve Jobs' mouth as he continues to talk down the need...
  3. frsrblch

    Official Summer Jobs Thread

    Well, it's 6:50 in the morning, and I'm getting ready for my first day at my summer job. The last time I was up this early I hadn't been to bed at all the night before, so this is something of a shock to my system. This could be my routine for the next 4 months, depending on what kind of...
  4. Phatslugga

    Good jobs?

    Well, I finally got hired somewhere a few months ago, at Best Buy. I have to say, it's a sweet job. All I have to do is walk around, help people find what their looking for, and stock media. The people are nice, and hours are flexible. I've been really busy lately, which is the only downfall...
  5. lostsoul


    if your a realy really good modeler can you email me at [email protected] Aim: knifehntr msn: topbros... i might have somtin that you would like to do
  6. L


    My 2nd map for this mod is now out, :D!! This one, has no errors in it, that i know off... i hope theres none :] i don't think there is any.. Well on the map, there is two secect places on the map, im not telling you where they are. you got to...
  7. D

    Skinning to the fullest!

    Hey if any one (hopefully) in Esf or anyother part would like me to do some skinning jobs on models i offer my help. I cant model but if you were to make a model and show the designated places were a skins art should go i can do it. Let me know just offerin'