1. dudeman

    new wallaper... again

    comments? anyone?
  2. Ryoko

    Freehand of my name ^^;

    Took me a while to make this one, tell me what you think! ALl freehand ^^;
  3. VivaLaPineapple

    new wallpaper

    what ya think?
  4. Cold Steel


    there's this map called afc_namek i can't get it to work you dl it from if the creator would be so nice to tell me why it isn't working i will loose my bad mood cuz the map looks pretty good
  5. A

    My reskin of Neds vegeto

    Its not great but its my first skin. Any critz? CREDITS GO TO NED FOR EVERYTHING
  6. Escobar

    My First Web Attempt

    Like the title says... its still WIP (specially tha main banner) , im also thinking of getting rid of dose affects on d side's but tell me wot joo fink...
  7. Morrone

    Sounds- The Basics

    Alright, I have gotten half a dozen PMs asking how to make sounds ever since I released my first soundpack. So I decided to make this thread to teach everyone the basics on how to make sounds for ESF. If the mods want they can sticky this. First you need a sound program. I suggest Goldwave...
  8. SSj Goten

    Chibi Trunks

    Here is the most commonly wanted model ChibiTrunks!..... u can edit it if u want just send me the model back to my email or my aim Credits:Original Gohan Maker: 35% Original Trunks Maker: 35% LiL_Gohan:35%
  9. God Gundam

    GG's goku wip

    comments/crits neededgoku
  10. B

    Brolly model

    This is a model form dmz that i converted to work with esf... this isnt my model or skin.. I just converted it... Model: Evil Chimp Skin: Metro-tek :( *The infamous Metro-tek edited this post to stop the spaming... [email protected] :)
  11. VivaLaPineapple

    up and coming

    well i recently started getting into 3d so i just wanted to see what u guys thought of my second model. its not finished, i created this all from one box and since im not comfortable enough with 3d studio max it probabily wont be used for anything except eye candy. anyways what u think? and...
  12. LaMM


    I made a new map, i found it very difficult cuz it was the first time i used a hull file and it caused some problems but ive worked that all out. This map is meant to have a competition, like some 1 on 1 fights. it contains an arena + an area where you can stand an watch the fight or something...
  13. V

    A good site to put your models on. Come on people its in the ESF sites links. They have quite a few good models on their site just go there and post your work they'll do it very nicely and easily. I don't know why people won't just put their work there. It's easy to access and search for on a search...
  14. SSJ n00b

    ssj2 majin vegeta pack

    Soccer u got a problem trans1 is a mp3 file and scream too thats the problem fix it:cool:
  15. R

    WIP - Vincent Valentine - (Model Help/Advice appreciated!)

    It's been a really long time sense I have actually done any modeling, or even posted for the most part, but I've been working on a model of Vincent Valentine from FFVII... anyway... As you know, if you don't and you want to know find a picture, but he has a cape kinda thing, thats around his...
  16. Vengaurd

    LightBeam Kamehameha

    allright, some people didnt care for my last kamehameha charge effect, so i compiled this one, its esentially the same but it has a bigger ball and the lights rotate around it download here copy and paste that (dont forget, my servers...
  17. C

    how u like it

    how you like it all it for nascar 2003 give me some feed back please!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. TimTheEnchantor

    Maybe I came out of block??

    Image manip thread... Here's what I'm working on now..(not finished, not even close)
  19. RedSaiya

    What do you think of the job the moderating staff is doing?

    never mind everybody chikens / flatter's you can close this thread *Your opinion on admins and mods here Post within reason Left open cuz I'm interested and I won't eat you if you say something bad* -Dev *Redsaiya if youedit that you die*
  20. B

    Brolly Pack!!!

    ok heres my brolly's....i used the original goku and kains super sayin 3 models as base......did lots of model editing but credit is due...brolly is 2x size of regular brolly..