1. sub

    I'm Jinx

  2. VideoJinx

    Progressive Jinx Art

    Please assist me by posting Critiques, Assisting Tutorials, Advice, and even your own art work as examples. 1) 2) 3)
  3. Rocky

    Jinx vs. Hellrider

    Who would win a fight to the death?
  4. VideoJinx


    Listen up people, I'm back im pretty disapointed in what has happened to this mod. It's a great mod, yet nobody plays because of that wall of "noob play" being shown to people right before they quit the game. The problem is that everyone who knows about esf, and says it sucks never has seen or...
  5. VideoJinx

    Jinx's Modeling Thread.

    :idea:Okay so, the other day Growler over heard me talking and asked to see my work when he learned that I'm still modeling. So basicly this thread is for show-off purposes. :warning:Well mannered crits are welcome. 1) 2) 3) 4) Low Poly[WiP] Keep it clean... ^^...
  6. VideoJinx

    Jinx's Model (2nd attempt)

    Ideas For Pants/Shirtless Samurai/Ninja? Please draw over any ideas, for pants that you'de think would suit the model Current Status: Adjusting neck area, and readjusting the toro's sides and back more. Adding clothes ontop of the model too for practice. OLD Fixed the Torso and made it more...
  7. VideoJinx


    Check it out ^^? It's still gotta mistak with the border but that can be fixed later *********
  8. dany_goku

    This is for JINX

    Where did u get that goku and that trunks. Please tell me . Here is my Yahoo ID : dani_goku
  9. Andy011

    Jinx's video (I acted in it! =O)

    Well folks, Jinx made a neat little video here for us... It's called "Majin Misery" =O It's got some neat effects and action, so brace yourselves and click......... HERE xD Enjoy! ;) Apparently, Jinx is also making a new video, a "mini movie", which is supposed to be waay better...
  10. W

    its a sample of the fighting for jinx's movie

    http://beta.yousendit.com/transfer.php?action=download&ufid=4C4BE0365504647C Hey wassup Jinx got me to do some fighting in one of his videos and he's gotten really good Check out what he did with our fight. Hope you all enjoy! :)
  11. S

    maps tutorial

    im in the process om programming a game and need to create maps. my program supports the bsp format. but i need a tutorial on how to create a basic outside map in worldcraft (valve hammer editor). somethiing step by step would be great, and because my maps will not be used in halflife can i...