1. J

    jin... again :/

    | | | | | | | |
  2. ~`Orochi`~

    Devil Jin O.o

    Regaurdless of there not beaing a boarder and its crappeh quality.. is it good? O_o
  3. D

    looking for jin and kazuya ending movies from tekken 4

    (if you asking) i wont buy this game for two "phathetic" ending movies....
  4. Jugo

    jin kazama sig (wip)

    well here's my wip :) crits ? suggestions ?
  5. I


    JIN... crazyest character in mvc, i love em and i made a sig with him, im still getting used to ps again so i need quick mean evil crits please :rolleyes:
  6. D

    Mugen / Jin from Samurai Champloo

    I know I screwed up on mugen but I did try my hardest to fix it. And wow ignore that big start in the middle, I was out of sketch paper and that was one of my messed up sheets. =\
  7. I


    i made this picutre in paint... to me it sux but its just to give yall an idea of what one of the main characters would look like in the manga im coming out with... I can do 100xs better than this in photoshop.. to bad i dont have it anymore
  8. I

    jin [a trunks reskin]

    here i have a skin of my jin character that stars in my dbhd (dragonball hyper dimension) series... by the way it comes out July 20th. so check it out *credits to Th3Pr0fessional who made the trunks model* well watchya think *crits*
  9. HyperSaiyaman

    Giji Super Sayian-jin Reskin

    here is a reskin i made credits are given in the pic: tell me what u think about it ;) As i promise here is the model: Click Here! Thank you for your time!
  10. SSj Goten

    Model Request

    Can Anyone Make Me A ChibiTrunks Please? Thanks If You Make It :yes: :tired:
  11. E


    okay check dis ideA out u guys ever seen the brolli movie? well you should make a desterted city like they ya i know they have a city map but if u could make like the building break and crack and fall apart and **** so when ur meeled into it u dont just bounce of like u would in the other lvls...
  12. R

    Where I find skins ?

    Where i can find the gohan, krillin and buu - skin ?????? When I play the game i have grey model.......... Please Help :cry:
  13. Y

    Whos has yamcha as a modle?

    I haven't seen no models of yamcha does anybody has one or know where i could find one?
  14. wAcK_Bardock

    Where the hell can i get new skins/models for esf??

    I need some web iteswhere i can get new models/skins and or maps for esf can some one help! thanks
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