1. Epedemic_Optikz

    Who Is Ur Favorite Modeller or Skinner

    I Pick AzN_Dragon.Sorry If I Missed Any Good Modelers and Skinners.:]
  2. .FM.

    (yoda) JBoskma

    hi i would like to make a request. JBoskma you are the best modeler in the world!! ok i would like you to make a yoda model for star wars jedi knigt 2 plz plz plz cuz your the kewlest - thx in advance :yes:
  3. O

    See your creation come to life!

    well i got a little bored so i thought "hey y not make a contest". this is a concept art contest. Prize: Winner gets their creation made into a model Rules: 1. Must be a player(no crazy 5 headed monsters) 2. Must have a picture(drawn or made in a paint program just incase ur not the...
  4. Akhkaru


    SWEET ASS... ...MODEL! I wish I could model like that! JBoskma, what's your AIM, I need help skinnin' or you could send me an IM at Akhkaru :)
  5. S

    Cinder Model (W.I.P.)

    i have spent about 30 minutes on this so far, here is a pic of it, give comments on what i should do for the shirt and pants and jacket...