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    Melee/Throw- and all that other jazz

    I was just wondering :scared: if someone could write out a detailed "tutorial" on how to melee and throw or link me to a website that has the totorial - - :laff: it would be great if you could just copy the throw part into your reply. :) O_o Thanks a lot, Johnny Deere
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    PiCcOlO MoDeL!!

    Im working a picoclo model for esf. All my other models got whiped out, so I decided to make a piccolo. Heres a pic: :D Critz please. Sorry about the crappy render.
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    GOhan wip

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    Shiek AKA Zelda V2

    I lost my old one when I got a virus ((>_<)), so i made a new one :smile: critz?
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