1. Jaredster

    My Bryce thingy.

    Since everyone is doing Byrce stuff heres is a quick abstract i made.
  2. Mewtwo

    Happy Birthday Jaredster

    Happy Birthday Jaredster!! :yes: :yes: :yes: I just nocticed it was almost your birthday, I know I'm a few hours early and I don't really know you. But I just posting this thread so you don't have to go through the painful prosess of posting it yourself thinking that everyone forgot. :talk...
  3. R@!D3R

    Jaredster's Sig I made for him

    Well, it's 4:15 am I'm damn tired... I wanted to get this done though... I used 3dsm and Photoshop. What you guys think but please keep in mind it's 4 am Thanks
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