1. DarkVegetaESF


    Ive been recently exploring websites and i found Iron-Man's Suit[Original as in Movies+Its Engineers]And its Price Is really Really High.It costs 20.000.000 $,Is it worthy for such a suit?
  2. Boogyman93

    Ironman anime.

    The Wolverine one sucked but this one looks pretty cool.
  3. Z

    Zarp is back! :P - Ironman WIP

    Hey there long time no c :smile: i can c the esforces main page is down, is the mod closing down or :\ but here is my lates wip.. made in 3dstudio max 9 like the title says! I AM IRONMAN!!!! But now i am pretty new to 3Dstudio max.. sooo how do i map it ? so i can skin it :P over and...
  4. MinioN

    IronMan movie w00t

    Source I really love Ironman.Movie coming 2 May 2008!!! See trailer here YouTube - Ironman movie trailer
  5. Viper

    Until i find some good Ironman refs...

    Guess who? I'll give you a hint:Halle Berry
  6. TeKNiK

    IronMan Skin

    I picked up a SDK from polycount yesterday, and started skinning. Well after a couple of hours i finished the head. So here is the skin. Remember Credits for the Model and maps go to ghost_rider ( From polycount. I'm interested to here your comments on this...