1. Rebirah

    My iRO Character

    Yup, I was bored turing english today so I whipped out a piece of paper and started drawing my Acolyte. I think its not half bad. I Have started on a munak As you can see. My char Munak My Drawing ( No Ref )
  2. S

    Iron Man model

    I think it would be cool if someone would make an iron man model to replace gohan, but that's just me.
  3. GoldSaiyan

    IRO rollback

    Ah, yes, they know how to spoil the fun of the people. I've worked my ass off to get my thief to Assassin, plus, I am waiting for the damn email with my password for like hours. It's really astounding how the Korea servers are loaded with cool stuff, while we are pacing through the mud with...
  4. NeLo

    SSJ6 Goku

    Logan if ya could make a SSJ 6 Goku. The pic is in the one u set up for us when u made the ssj5 goku. Cuz id really think that would look awsome with my 10x Kamehameha! So if ya would create this model for meh plz :D Btw if Logan cant do it...
  5. S

    I wanna be a modeler 2

    well maybe sounds stupid. but i want 2 be a modeler 2. but i dont ****in understand ****. what do u all need 2 be a modeler. just post some **** here thnx peace.