1. D

    ESF 1.3 Inteam Beta Question

    Ok, I'm COMPLETELY Rewriting this: Ok, I want to become a beta tester for these "New" reasons 1: i want to help the team find bugs, glitches, or w/e, so i can report them and they can get fixed...this may make release come faster 2: If i become a beta tester i'd be a HUGE help to the team 3...
  2. T

    ESF 1.2 inteam version ???

    Why is this new ESF 1.2 beta called "inteam version" ??? Does it refer to upcoming patch or something ???
  3. [ESF]zero

    Large inteam test-team vs. testers

    Today was the first of the large inteam test that we will be having over the next few week and all i have to say is wow. We did a tester vs lost. Yep we were beaten like ugly step children, but it was hella fun. I really think u guys are gonna enjoy this stuff. Not sure if...
  4. N

    ESF inteam

    you, yes you, can check if any of the in team playaz are playing on your, yes your, very own comp. you can check by goin to click on mod search and type in the almighty words ESF.. it should then show the alpha 2 servers and there could be an esf in team server up... most of...
  5. S

    Rei's Eyes

    Alright, Time for a new Wallpaper :) This time I did something new.. Its an Eva wallpaper. You can check it out at This Wallpaper was made In Photoshop and 3d Studio Max. I think ti trned out pretty nicely.. Feedback allowed.
  6. E

    Some screenies