1. Mkilbride

    New French Law: Punish men for insulting Wives

    So basically, if you're wife insults you, ti's fine, but if you insult her back, she can call the Police, plead her case, and get a shock thing placed on your foot. Utter absurdity, feminists have gone to far. I posted the link? Why isn't it showing up...
  2. God Gundam

    A Head That Talks!!!

    well i got inspired the other day to actually do something for a 3d movie project my friend and i are putting together. so i made part of the main chars head and animated it. just wanna know what you guys think bout it. head.avi
  3. A

    Professional Evil Skins

    here are my evil team skins, i tried to make them look professional tell me what u think
  4. G

    Any Modellers Come Here Ok

    Hey the gf clan need modelers and skins well im me at ttaimmaisshu ok tanks