1. L

    Instructions on converting to steam??

    Right. I went out and bought the bloody half life platinum collection just fer this mod :S - But i don't understand why it doesn't show on the play games list of steam when i install half life in the steamapps folder. That IS what im meant to do fer it to show on the list right? RIGHT!?...
  2. S

    bot read me or instructions

    well I like these new bots, I like them more then playing with people. But I have a problem, I want to add certain bots (character) to a certain team (evil team typically) but dont know commands. Anyone know how to do this?
  3. G

    I would like 2 try and make a new model... plz help coz i know nothing about it...

    give me instructions on which programms, a few details about them... generally whatever u do to make a new model. thanx...
  4. B

    unclear instructions

    i read all instructions on fix client.dll but it is still not clear to me i downloaded it yesterday and if it does not work if you explained me i say This suxx comp specs 800 MHz voodoo 3 lg rewriter 40x12x40 4 hard disks ps: i`m new and i am really pissed off so exuse my bad words...
  5. D

    must learn

    Can some one help me learn how to skin?
  6. M

    ok peeps instructions for fmod fix

    ok guys i got step for u guys who dont understand 1. go to the sticky thread with fmod 2. right click on the url for fmod and click copy shotcut 3. now you have that done, now open your halflife directory 4. once you have that done c:/sierra/halflife somthing like that 5. delete the old...