1. D

    inportant question

    how can i put picture in signature that i have picture on the forum
  2. Skyrider

    INPORTANT!! *ALL redsaiyan models* *READ*

    ok.. people.. i am going to change something in rs. and i am going to put all the esf beta 1.0 models into a 1.0 catogery. and all 1.1 models into a 1.1 catogery.... *i am doing this cuz allot of people asking is this useable for esf beta 1.1 , and reason 2. cuz it makes rs a bit...
  3. Z

    need a compiler/ animator

    hy i need some 2 who can compile my models into a q2 model and i need some 1 who can animate m dont ask for pics cous i wil give them when the game is releast