1. K

    innovative suggestions for esf

    1) i accept ur reply.. one more suggestion left ... 2) u can give four keys to control each hand and leg individually.. 3) so that u can design for melee combat system with the above mentioned four keys . along with the direction keys combination for a melee move... 4) make the...
  2. B

    is the wiimove really all that innovative ?

    i mean, now that i think about it more, how is the controller anymore innovative then a wireless just has a analog stick in place of the arrow keys on the startin to think that it might not be so innovative after all..:(
  3. TehMuffinMan

    WAHAHAHAHA! (funny)

    well, since everyone woz wondering what other characters would look like in ssj, i have gone to the effort to show you wat buu, piccolo and krillin look like, ENJOY!!! oh, and if you actually want these.. well i dont think i can be bothered to do em its just for fun:S