1. AligBorat

    Pc: Hinokakera the Fragments of Innocent Sinner

    Hinokakera is a japanese fighting game developed by "Reddish Region" Genre(s): 2.5D fighting game Release date(s): v1.00 - December 30th 2003 v2.01 - July 13th 2006 v3.00 - February 8th 2008 v4.00 - TBD Requirements: 600 MHz Pentium III, 128MB RAM, graphics card with 32MB video RAM...
  2. Sicron

    Innocent April Fools prank: criminal charges?

    What do you guys think about this? I think you are going a bit far to press charges on some girls who just did this as an April Fools prank. Has the world really gone so far that every package is a potential bomb?
  3. Mr. Satans

    Cosplay, innocent fun or just plain stupid?

    We all know that there is good cosplay and bad cosplay out there. Normally the ONLY good cosplay is IN Japan, where they actually LOOK good and spend more than 10 minutes putting together their costumes. Here is how this is going to work. I will post a bad cosplay, someone else will post a...
  4. Kurt`

    So Jackson is INNOCENT on ALL counts...

    I KNEW he was innocent! lol Ok well, I think he did it, but I knew he'd walk. Your thoughts?
  5. |Overlord|

    shapelle Corby Innocent or guilty ?

    well , what do you think and based on what evidence ? i think they really mixed this up with the bali 9 and such in their judgement. There's alot of evidence and such , but i can't be bothered to search through it all
  6. dudeman

    suggestion: innocent people

    hey there i have a nice suggestion.. i think it would be nice if in the city maps like ESF_city would be walking around some people wich u can kill.. just some modified barneys and scientists, put some waypoints in the maps.. NOT TOO MUCH! i tought about 6 or 8 in a map because if there...