1. H

    Gohan's music during cell junior fight - Need info

    Hey guys... After gohan kills the first cell junior, he then goes down to the other two near krillin, then some music pops up, anyone know the name of it? Every search i do brings up the fast paced gohan vs freeza music. Thanks
  2. omnomnom

    OMG why cant i get info on this! HELP

    RRR this is really irritating for me, ive been looking around, posting questions about this 6-9 times, and looked it up on the web, and here.......NOTHING! NOTHING TELLS ME HOW TO DOWNLOAD Big Pack 8.4! i dont know whre to put it what file NOTHING! ITS SO FRUSTURATING! i feel like slamming my...
  3. X

    help/need info please

    i looked in the FAQ and it wasn't to clear. i don't have half-life, but i do have counter-strike 1.6, condition zero and deleted scenes and source. it says something like half life is pre-loaded? So can i still play this mod if i download it since i have the engine already? Q2. Is it likely...
  4. Dzamija

    Need some info about a moment in a comedy series.

    Now I know this is probably no info at all I'm giving here, but I want to find that scene in "Allo, allo!" where that woman yells "GENERAL VON KLINKERHOFFEN!", does anyone know which episode it is or at least from which season the episode is? I really want to find that scene, it's hilarious, but...
  5. Skyrider

    Contact Info DS Game

    I'm looking for a DS (Not DSI) game that gives the user the option to add profiles for people containing their information such as names, street address, phone number, and that kind of stuff. Anyone knows something like that exists for the DS? If so, can you forward me it to a site that has more...
  6. -Origin

    First info on Deus Ex III.
  7. S

    Web design info

    I'm a bit of a nub when it comes to coding and things, but the past month or two I've been learning a little actionscript and I'm in the middle of making a web site with html (since I'm way to nub in flash to make a site that'd be any different from a html site atm). I'm just wondering here...
  8. Viper

    Need some info....

    I have a sort of a project about anime >.< and i need your opinions. For each of the anime series below i want you to tell me the best episode/-s, both for fights and for drama/comedy. (preferably the episode's number or title) Here's the list: Bleach Inuyasha Blood+ FMA Cowboy Bebop...
  9. SS4 Gogeta

    Need some info

    Is there a way to exececute certain commands by means of a timer? for example I want set off "xx_xxxxx" command every "###" secs. I have amxx setup on my server if that helps. Not a huge deal I was playing around with stuff and had an idea. Thx in adavance for any info:yes...
  10. RavenTrunks

    Power Supply Info

    How exactly can i bring up info on my computer about my power supply? or am i forced to open it up and poking my head in?
  11. NightShade

    Loving it. Everything. *Bug Testing Session w/ Info Inside*

    I want to start testing some of the things. Around this Thursday @ 5 pm est time. It is not to play or to get a score. Will be doing diffrent types of test. It will be boring. If you want in to help let me know in here. Btw I love the direction ESF is going. I know alot of people will whine...
  12. M

    Clip Info

    Is there a way of removing the clip information from multiple audio files all at once?
  13. Skyrider

    Needed: Good Video Card (Comp info added)

    Once again, I'm searching for a video card for my Girlfriend. I'm looking for a cheap, but also good video card that can at least play Half-Life one with 70+ FPS. Costs should not be above 50$ / Euro. I know i've asked for this the last time, but not all video cards can be just put in the...
  14. A

    I want some info... please

    Does any one know where can i download the old 2d versions of DBZ i realy love those 2d gaves there was one version witch was from a lot of versions just dont have it any more but still i just love those versions cause they have a lot of combat moves very much skills and 2 player modes so the...
  15. PiXel

    Energie-med. Info School (comments please)

    Yeh, it was my first time that i´ve done something for money and for a use =) all the pics there contain to my work, (the main pic, and if you enter the first pics on the right, their like 7% of all i´ve done for them, and the size is bigger though)...
  16. .Maze

    Hud Info plugin

    Download Link This Plugin basicly shows you some HUD messages on the right upper part of the screen. Your Powerlevel ,then the Powerlevel with Turbo, your current KI second row is your Base Speed, your Speed with turbo+Swoop Speed third row is Playerclass Nr. and Animation Sequence where is...
  17. Tsunami

    More PS3 info.

    Source Click
  18. Nuttzy

    need info on 2 animes

    i stumbled upon a website offering full box sets for some of the more popular anime for alot cheaper than the usual 100$+ price tag most anime box sets carry. obviously they arent 100% official copies, given the quality of 1 of the episodes on the berserk box set i purchased from them a while...
  19. Hash

    Nintendo Completely Unveils Revolution Info To All..........

    ..........At there pre E3 press event next may. (Mwaha, tricked you didn't I?) Anyways, it seems we're gonna have to wait till the next E3 to get all the rev info. Not surprising, I was expecting it to be around then anyways, i'm just glad we have an official date now. Oh ya, the link...
  20. X

    KOF Anime (More Info) Official Name: King of Fighters: Another Day Four Episodes: 「all out] - 「accede] - 「in the dark] - 「all over」 (Its a Four Episode anime) Four new characters confirmed: Rock, Clark, Billy and Lien! 4 New Screen Shots: