1. L

    how do i open a mdl

    :cry: how do i open a mdl or unzip it where it shows the mdl head mdl body
  2. G

    Need help with a vegeta bitmap skin!

    I need some help with a vegeta in armor bitmap skin because ive changed the blue on the armor to black and i can't get it to work on the vegeta model. So can some one plz help me fix this because i think it will look cool in the game.:laff::laff:
  3. D

    Link Fixed

    The link works just remove the dot at the end of the link for the slow minded Whoops, wrong button should be a reply to A Mystic Gohan? Sorry O_o
  4. S

    A Mystic Gohan????

    Ok u guys know where to find a good mystic gohan (not wounded) ?please reply ive been searching for one a long time now!
  5. A

    Is the Quake 3 mod out?..If so where can u dl it

    I want the Q3 mod!!!!!!!!!! I think its called Savior of strength. Is there any other Dragon Ball mods for it?
  6. HyperSaiyaman

    Mirror Map!

    Im sick of seeing my chracter back , is it possible to make a map that has mirror to see ours characters faces like quake if it is possible or there is already maps does has mirrors let me know putting that info in this thread, Thank you.
  7. E

    LP Cell Saga Goku Model For SoS

    hey guys, aint really been showing much lately, its the usual things which tie a man up, school, girls and cars :x, i got some spare time and have been doing this for a week now, just putting him together slowly. I did the model, he was a lil chubby so charger took over and did the finishing...
  8. G

    any1 no whare i can get buu?

  9. Es_Trunks2


    i have a question about Adobe photoshop 7,when i wanna re-skin a model and i get out a simple tool like the air brush,smudge,dodge,blur,stuff like that its got a circle with an X in it instead of a little brush or finger,then when i click i get an error about texture or soemthing,can anyone help me?
  10. A

    I Got 3d Game Studio

    help it says to many skins when i try to reskin a ESF model What to do
  11. G

    Perfect cell

    Ive heard theres a perfect cell out? But i cant find it! post it here:yes:
  12. C

    ssj3 vegeta

    i'm no modeler but i was playin around trying to learn so i did some editing ... and well here check it out oh yeh and i don't take credit for anything you see i took the hair from the ssj3 goku and edited vegeta's head alittle so credit...
  13. X

    3ds Max

    Sup Peoples. I am starting a thread with 3DS MAX modelling tutorial links. I would like everyone to contribute. Here they are:
  14. DaKD

    Site update

    Well i updated my site after being told like 40 times to do so well go see it if u want oyea the ssj3 goku on there is my latest one
  15. .FM.

    rs vegeta?

  16. owa


    Hey, I'm making my site layout, and I usually owuldn't use a tutorial but I'm completly lost... I need a good Tutorial on how to make metallic like pipes. Pleaseh elp me I'm useing Photoshop
  17. Tyrael


    hi people i need help can you post all high quality pictures you got from ssj4 goku vegeta and gogeta:] thanks Warfear :yes:
  18. G

    uvw maping

    can someone tell me how to uv/uvw map the model or wat program to use? EDIT: if you don't know wat i mean here it is simple wat program/watever... i have to use to make the model skinable...
  19. S

    *Mwip* Vgui Pak

    I am working on a vgui pack that will replace all characters and I'll even throw in some ones of Vegito for those who have him. All I need to do is get some more cel (not Cell) pictures. If anyone has any requests please let me know.
  20. K

    reference pics

    i was wondrin if sum1 could make a sticky for people to post urls for reference pics, so anyone can put sum pics up and then we could hav comunal referencing, it would make it a lot easier and also get rid/reduce the number of reference pic posts... just a suggestion