1. Phobius

    Nine Inch Nails Concert

    Yupp I'm a lucky bastard who got to see the Nine Inch Nails at the Toronto Molson Amphitheatre with my girl! :D Trent Ressner played ****en awesome he sounded crisp and clean and reproduced some of his original songs perfectly. The visuals were just amazing the light show was great but what...
  2. E

    Nine Inch Nails Sig

    waddaya think, and btw the face is suppose to look a little low quality ;) Sig: *EDIT* ugh 20 views and no responses...cmon i need some crits...*EDIT*
  3. M

    this 1 for esf

    im makin a goku model for fun, so ima release it for esf only few bits left. should finish it by the end of today.