1. N

    First person spec improvment

    I think the title speaks for itself. As it is right now, you get to see what they see, but have no info on things such as ki, weapon selected, PL, etc. I think their personal HUD should show up when spectating them first person at least, if not in all modes. I realize it's nothing big...
  2. sayan master

    new WP (big improvment)

    well first i wana say ths is about my 4th WP and i think its awsom i wana get C&C from ya but i aint shur i will wana fix thes stuff O_o well here it is:
  3. S

    promised my almost done vegeta

    well...i promised u vegeta, then gere is a vegeta. as i told u in my 2nd thread where i posted goku, this isnt finished yet. i want u to give me advices for making it better. if u want, DL them and with a pen draw on the pics and then post the changes... here is the chest the...
  4. E

    my evil goku

    my evil goku, good cell and good freeza hi all what do you all think of my evil goku? still need to fix the schoulders but I don't know how to import him at milkshape. Don't just only download them give me a reaction if you like them or not........................(please.........:talk:)