1. T

    Not that importent... but

    Just started playing TS again, noticed some models for download, did'nt bother getting them as they hardly fit in TS, just posting them incase anyone feels like whineing at the guy about it, even if its OFN. TS esf models
  2. B


    BARRRRRRI IS NOOOOOOOOOBBB KIL LAMMMEEEERRRR :talk: :talk: :talk: :talk: :talk: :talk:
  3. W

    Quastion importent

    how can i get my aiming (crossire) smaller? not the target.
  4. DBZFever

    Modellers needed for RPG!

    There is a new Dragonball Z RPG HL Modifcation in progress. We have mappers, skinners, animators, texture artists, 2d artists, but we need modellers! The Website is and the name is being changed to Dragonball Z Adventure. If anyone is willing to model for us, please...
  5. S

    hello and any1 help me?not importent

    Hi! I am new to this forum and want to say hello and ask for 1 thing if possible. you see I live in israel and they only shown half of the bragon ball z only,not db or anything else just dbz. and i know alredy about the battle of friza with goku and a little bit about cell(VERY little). so...
  6. D

    Console codes [IMPORTENT]

    Can anyone tell me the Console codes of ESF cause i want to change a little bit :D things like yhe pl and cl !!! can anyone PLEASE tell me those (everything if it is possible)