1. Kaination

    Import HL1 .smd into maya 2008 / 3ds max 9?

    Yeah, I got both programs and I want to do this for animating. I was wondering, how can I import the mesh / skeleton and animate it? Also, what do you prefer to animate with, Maya or 3ds max?
  2. M

    Dragon Ball Z: Sparking Meteor Import Language help

    I can't figure out how to get to practice mode, and I can't find out any of the modes because everything is in Japanese, could someone help me please.
  3. S

    Import new maps

    I realize that there are new maps being made and stuff... If i download them where to i put them to so i can use them with esf? And is it possible to add more characters to my game... cause i remember seeing broly on a esf video someone made? plz help me someone!!!
  4. J-Dude

    How to import Half-Life .MDL files (3DSMax)

    Hello, I've been attempting to import Half Life (specifically ESF) .MDL files into 3DS Max simply for the fun of seeing the models in this form and their inner workings. So far I've found a plugin that imports HL2 models, but did not recognize the ESF models as valid, telling me that "Version 10...
  5. J


    i downloaded some maps from another website but it doesnt appear on my esf game. how do i put it on there??? :confused: :confused: :confused:
  6. D

    Uhhh Import site again

    I got my naruto narutimett(narutimate,narutalmate) Hero 2 game at unfortunatly broke thanks to a jack*** of a friend who has a video game frustration problem.He payed me back,but play asia says that the game is out of stock,and will be back at 30 bucks next month.I dont wanna...
  7. J

    Playing import games without a mod chip?

    Well, I'm interested in buying Kengo 3 for the PS2. The only problem is, it was only ever released in Japan :( So I'm wondering, is there any way to play import games on PS2 without a mod chip?
  8. Kaination

    How do you import Video's to your PSP?

    Read the title. How the HELL do you import video's to your PSP? I've been trying to figure out how for the past week, and I have no clue. So I've come to the best place to come for problems. The forums :) So, anyone explain a step by step guide?
  9. §lipKnot

    how to re-edit, export and import skins

    This thread is to show How to import and export skins using Half-Life Model Viewer v1.25 1 down load Half-Life Model Viewer v1.25 link: 2. use program to load model MLD 3. after loading model click texture...
  10. R

    can i use gmax to make characters for esf and import them and stuff?

    can i use gmax insted of milkshape?
  11. M

    How do I import new models into half life?

    Refer to the subject...
  12. U

    Maya how can I import mdl files

    Please dont close this Thread I am n00b i search help
  13. Gogeta91

    import pics

    i cant import pics if i do this happens
  14. D

    Can someone help me out with something in 3DSM?

    OK...I want to import a model w/ skin into 3DSM....lets say...the Marine from NS as an example. One problem: When I import the file (.3DS file) it only shows the smooth shaded version. When I go to the "Edit Materials" option...and choose the 'Marine' skin, it STILL doesn't work. Does...
  15. Baaja

    3DS Max 4.2/Milkshape 3d 1.6.6

    i need help....listen i am trying to learn how to make skins and it's going pretty well...thanks to zereth...but how do i see my skin on a model like i'm skinning piccolo but how do i see the skin and the model in 3ds max...i do have ms3d but it's unregistred....please help....
  16. NinJa HunteR

    How can i get Models (.mdl) in 3dsmax?

    Sorry if i'm posting in the wrong forum..if so... move it plz How can i get models(.mdl) in 3ds max 4.2 (3d Studio Max) Thx in advance
  17. Darkside

    importing into 3dsmax

    how do you import models into 3dsmax?
  18. U

    HELP importing models into lightwave

    I've had Lightwave 7.0 for about a year now and i've never really tried modeling with it... i tried to open an esf model yesterday simply by double-clicking the file. it would open up The lightwave modeling program, but then it was error out and nothing would come up. What do I need to do to...
  19. -Origin

    3dsmax help

    Hey there, I got a question: I'm trying to edit a model in 3dsmax, but I can't import .mdl or .smd files. It wants a proper import module, which I can't find anywhere...... help please?
  20. C

    Modeling Help

    Hi could anyone tell me what tools i need to model in esf and can you convert .mdl in to the modeling program? Thanks