1. ESCachuli

    When is this going to be implemented? and one more question: I haven't seen any of trunks' melee animations with a sword, will there be?
  2. S

    New Characters that can be implemented in ESF 1.3+ and so on.

    Characters: Gotenks Starting PL: 1,000,000 Starting Speed: 200 Normal Attacks: Ki Blast Generic Beam Kamehameha Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack Transform PL: 2,500,000 Second Transformation PL: 4,000,000 SSJ Gotenks PL Multiplier: 1.0 Speed: 280 Attacks: Ki Blast Generic...
  3. catfish

    New MP3 player features for v1.2 - (getting) implemented

    23-5-2003 Added a random button to the mp3player from harsens' devlog. Looks like he's making the mp3 player a pretty full blown one for the 1.2 release. Remembers playlist position, different play modes etc. Done!
  4. S

    how to get the dragonballs

    in capture the dragonballs mode where are the dragonballs cause i can never find them ok so if they are in some maps what maps are they in?