1. st34lth

    No imperfect cell

    When I downloaded the 2/4/07 patch I think that it made the first cell save over imperfect cell. So now when I transform to imperfect cell it stays in cell's first form. Is there a backup of cell anywhere?
  2. SA_Gohan

    Imperfect Cell

    It is so hard for me to do anything to completion. I have too many ideas and not enough time to do them all, so I end up starting on one great idea only to hop over to the next before I finished the previous one >_<. So its a miracle that I was able to finish this at all >_>; After 25 hours...
  3. S

    Perfect Cell?

    Is there going to be a perfect cell model? Cause it would look really kool, instead of starting out with 1 level cell it should start out with 2nd imperfect cell and the transformation should be perfect cell..That would be so awesome:laff:
  4. E

    ~Imperfect Cell...WIP~

    can i haev come critz please? its still WIP....
  5. V

    Imperfect Cell - Form2 - COMPLETE

    Yup, he's done alright ;) Since his body is almost identical to Perfect Cell's, I should have Perfect Cell done rather soon. I'm just going to be remaking everything from the waist up for perfect cell. Otherwise, enjoy the eyecandy, and let me know if you spot something wrong in the model or...
  6. DareDevil

    Half-Life Poly Count?

    I was just wondering what is the Max Polys a model in Half-Life can have? I know that in Quake 3 it can support over 1000 but thats Quake lol. Thnx :id:
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