1. Boogyman93

    Ichigo's New Form? (bleach spoilers)

    This is sick... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zE4NOec405Q&feature=related
  2. AmoN

    ichigo hollow

    Little try out thingy :D <a href="http://s653.photobucket.com/albums/uu257/Kuro-AmoN/?action=view&current=ichiprog1copy.png" target="_blank"><img src="http://i653.photobucket.com/albums/uu257/Kuro-AmoN/ichiprog1copy.png" border="0" alt="projectje"></a>
  3. vinay87

    [Bleach] Born because of Ichigo?

    I was bored and so, decided to watch the first arc of Bleach. And was at the episode where Inoue's powers are exposed for the first time. Exposed, lol Well, she asks Shun'ou who they are and Shun'ou responds. and she later states that only Inoue and people like Ichigo will see them. And...
  4. Enix

    Ichigo [done]

    I have been workin on this for about a week, and i'm gonna call it done, i may edit it a bit last minute, and fix colors if needed and clean up the map though.. After I make zangetsu this is going into TS. The polycount is 2192.
  5. Arsenovicius

    Bleach - Ichigo

    I made this picture here .. It took me 10 minutes.. Like it ?
  6. Arsenovicius

    [SPOILER] Holow Ichigo Powerup .v. 2

    Oh well i heard very nice critic from my first attempt with that aura :) Lets see... It has empty space..yeah and probably you may thing bad lighting too.. also render is bad cutted..But i think i love it already :yes: see it your self ^^...
  7. Arsenovicius

    Holow Ichigo Wallpaper

    I made this one and i think it came out good. http://i75.photobucket.com/albums/i297/Arsenovicius/holowichigopowerup.jpg watcha think ?
  8. samurai^Kurai

    Bankai Ichigo

    been working on this one for a bit, since i progressed pretty far i thought i'd get a few crits on him. 2326 triangles BTW: i am aware that some of the pants polies look like they arent serving any purpose, but after playing Blade Battlers for a while i noticed that giving the pants these...
  9. Tsunami

    Replica of Ichigo's Bankai and Shikai sword

    http://www.trueswords.com/ichigo-bankai-sword-from-bleach-anime-tensa-zangetsu-manga-p-2556.html http://www.trueswords.com/ichigo-sword-from-bleach-anime-zangetsu-cutting-moon-manga-p-2088.html MUST ORDER!!!!!!!
  10. Ryeko

    Kurosaki Ichigo

    Hehe, unfortnately, I have been unable to start this project becuase I have been auble to find any good references. If somone could pinpoint me to some, or draw some for me, I would really appreciate it.
  11. bapplebo

    Kurosaki Ichigo [skinmapped]

    Gonna take a big long break now. @Wheres_ : Post your WIP in here if you want.
  12. S

    Ichigo Tenza Zangetsu

    Started this bankai ichigo this morning, working on it inbetween my inoue skin anyway id preciate some constructive c&c, thanks guys oh and a big thanx to reck and tek for the help so far. Oh yea one last thing i'll be alphamapping the rips in the bottom of the suite after the tweaks :p
  13. M

    Kurosaki Ichigo

    I haven't been modelling a whole lot as some people can probably tell. My last model was around 3 months ago, and before that, it was probably 7 months ago. So ya, I'm brushing up on poly flow, and skinning, since I was never good at those two areas to begin with. Then I'll probably go into...
  14. RavenTrunks

    Bleach Signature. Ichigo!

    Just now decided to practice on some photoshop skills. This is the first thing I did in a good while, and i was never any good in photoshop so go easy. I also cant do backgrounds atall really.. I personally like how it turned out. C&C welcome!
  15. S

    Kurosaki Ichigo o>

    I tweak this model like once or twice a week. And i didn't feel like reviving the old Ichigo thread i had made before (too lazy to search for it, and i remember people flaming in it lol) anyways, here's the latest =o C&C?
  16. S

    Kurosaki Ichigo

    I kinda turned into a bleach fan like many others, so i thought; let's make an Ichigo model lol. it's still a big wip, the holster and Zanpakutou are skinned the rest is just colored polies. Thinking of releasing it for ESF and/or TS, C&C?
  17. JTR

    Shinigami Ichigo [WIP]

    Just for practise.. Need some work at the neck.. Critz and Comments are welcome... - JTR