1. F

    Wie bekomme ich ESF für CSS

    Hallo, ich wollte wissen wie und wann ich ESF für Counter-Strike Source bekomme :confused: Wenn es jemand weiß würde ich mich freuen eine Antwort zu bekommen :)
  2. N

    USSJ Goku by Nicho

    As the title says its a drawing of goku, I just got my new How to draw books to day, they are really cool, I'm only on the first few pages in one, but I can't wait to start drawing action poses.. (Image ) And just for the record.. This drawing would be my second time ever drawing a SSJ and my...
  3. N

    Katana man by Nicho

    Hey guys, drew another picture just for fun, hehe. Click Here! Crits/Comments plz.. Thanks Please also feel free to cheak out my new site ' Generic Studios 'here.
  4. H

    hullfile ! ! ! (°.°)

    Sry falls das in einem anderen thread schon beantwortet wurde aber ich hab den ganzen morgen schon gesucht und nichts gefunden ! Ich weiss es wurde in vielen threads beantwortet wie man die hullfile mit HLCC benutzt aber ich kann HLCC nirgends mehr finden und benutze deshalb TBCC das is fast...
  5. H

    Place Dragonballs in Maps

    Can anyone tell me how i can place some Dragonballs in my map everytime i made a map there were no balls !?!?!?!? can anyone help me ? PS : Are here some german people ?
  6. Akhkaru

    Battle Damage Gohan Edit

    Okay, this is NOT my model, I forgot who the maker is but he will post here, I'm sure. It's a good model, I JUST EDITED IT. Okay, now, I changed the Mystic Gohan skin a bit and made is an SSJ instead of mystic. I only deserve credit for skinned part I did, and the model was created by whoever...
  7. M

    ESF Maps? WHere 2 Download?

    Hi Folks wanted 2 know where i can download maps for this absolutely Great Mod! best ive ever seen !! GR33TZ Maverick[SSJ4]
  8. D

    hi there need a work

    if enyone is boring soo plz do me a favor make a map for me. a map with db`s and secret rooms and mountains and ich must also be big ps: plz 14 db`s
  9. K

    Mehr kann ich net verkraften

    Will endlich die Beta Zocken soo viele schöne Bilder und Videos hoffe es ist bald soweit mein Clan ist schon dabei sich aufzulösen !!!!
  10. S

    are here dutch ppls to help me out!

    hi all i need a dutch man to explain me everything on making maps cuz my enlish isn't very good and i don't understand very much in the enlish! i want to make the best maps!!!!!!!!!!!:)
  11. S

    Ich Suche Deutsche !!! I search german peoples !!

    ich suche deutsche Modeller schreibt bitte eure ICQ nummer runter I search german Modeller plz write our icq number down THX
  12. S

    Ich suche Deutsche !!!!!!! I search German Peoples

    ich suche deutsche Modeller schreibt bitte eure ICQ nummer runter I search german Modeller plz write our icq number down THX
  13. 4xMega-Saiyajin

    Modeler/skinner/mapper needed

    Hey guys , the -=SSJ-Project=- is searching some modeler/skinner/mapper and maybe a 2d artist for making some pics ! We have made some SSJ8´s and We wanne make everyone like "Bebi" (u know Bebi-Vegeta) but we need modeler and skinner for that, now we just have one guy for that , so if u r...
  14. ?

    Can some one tell me where i find new maps?

    HI all Can some one tell me where i can get the news maps i dont now it,because i am new here !:idea: Sorry for my english ,i am german
  15. 4xMega-Saiyajin

    How to insert my Picture???

    can you tell me how to put my artwork in this page ? if possible in german:rolleyes: but it doesn´t matter if its in english:fight:
  16. D

    Can here anything German ??????

    can anyone here speak german?????? Wann macht ihr endlich Gohan,Kuririn und Buu fertig ??? oder sind sie in der neuen Version schon fertig gestellt worden ???? :notice: :shocked:
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