1. dan_esf_fanatic

    Banner I made for the Hyuuga NNC Clan.

    Well my clan leader and myself have been modding our up-to-now rather boring-looking forums, and after changing the skin and uploading and changing all the buttons accordingly (which was a pain) we decided we need a new banner to go with the awesomeness of the skin we got. So I got down to...
  2. Neon

    Hyuuga Neji

    I haven't modeled for awhile (well not THAT long) but I got bored and decided to make a model. So here it is.. o.O Credit to Davidskiwan for the ref he drew.. :D Crits and comments are welcome, so PLEASE give some. I'm hoping to actually get this model skinned (my other ones were never...
  3. Ravven

    Hyuuga Neji

    Hi guys! That's my next projeckt Hyuuga Neji from Naruto series... It's very early wip so don't crit it to much :) Okay here's the pic: How's he?? Crits, Comms and Drawovers welcome ;) P.S. I just noticed legs bug (fix it later)
  4. D

    Quick question,help with my Hyuuga Neji

    Im using davidskiwans Hyuuga Neji to model it,So thx for your great drawovers dav,but i have a problem.When i try to model the strap on his head i cant get it to show up on the outside of his jacket.the strap that looks like its part of his hair,and is coming from is forehead protector.If you...
  5. darknavigator

    Hyuuga Neji

    Crits; rates.