1. bapplebo

    omg liek its Hwoarang

    Crits please =D. I personally dont like the brushing job I did behind Hwoarang, so I'm gonna fix that.. EDIT: Hopefully fixed, I like this look now.
  2. Soulicro


    Soul loves your C&C.
  3. I

    Hwoarang... I challenge you

    :devgrin: I request Cuc as a ref for this match
  4. J


    he's 20 now (atleast in holland, it's 00:00). so have a good one mate. enjoy being 20. just one year away from the oh' so great 21. invite some girls over, and have a good time with friends ;)
  5. Synth

    Hwoarang's Sketches

    I finally decided to start a sketch thread. Figured since this is a Dragonball Z related board... here is a quickly done manga Vegeta. Should have more sketches asap.
  6. Deman

    Whoring? Boring? HWOARANG!!!

    Hi. I finally figured out how to pronounce your name tonight. With that in mind, I believe it's perfect time for our battle. Well, once you are comfortable to do so. If you want to wait, that's cool... but until then... And while me and Hwoarang were talking on IRC the other night, we...
  7. Amayirot Akago

    Im bored... I challenge Hwoarang!!

    It's been some time since my battles with Checkplease and NeLo... I think the time has come for my next battle... I challenge you, Hwoarang!
  8. Synth


    Wassap esforums, i've already tried the search technique and the redsaiyan.net(site is down "again")technique and now im lost. i can't find a saiyaman model and sound pack to replace teen gohan. i would really, really, really appreciate it if someone would show me any leads to getting this...
  9. S

    Hwoarang ONLY

    <sorry about this topic i tryed to send it thru PM but his inbox is full so i cant> ok iv done what youv ask is this ok now,if its still not what you want i still dont mind changing it but i have to admit there is really much more needed done to it cos it look pretty good :D
  10. Synth

    Hwoarang's Magneto

    as you can see im not done with it, just thought i'd share some of my current artwork with you enjoy ;)