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    Complete Mapping Faq

    I made a complete mapping FAQ for mapping with Worldcraft for ESF. Well not on the actuall mapping but on getting it set up. I was hoping to just paste the text up here on the message board... but it seems like it won't. So I put it up on my website. click here to view it. :fight:
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    Esf Max Graphics

    Hey I took a look at the screenshots u have on the website, first off On ur SCreenie of ROSAT What is that, i see a sky with clouds and there's ACTUALLY a difference betweent he sky and the floor And some of ur screenies i see shadows and sunlight I have a High end comp I'd like to know how...
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    This is a sig i'm making for myself....

    I just started it, but it'll look alot better when fully done Edit: Ok It didnt load.......Is there something I have done wrong :cry: ?
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    my head hurts

    lol ok i was wonderin have you developer peoples decided what Krillin and piccolos transformations will be ?? if this is considered spam then move it to the right place :/