1. ssj999vegeta

    editing wrl textures

    i wanna edit the powerupaura.wrl file textures but i dont know how to do it, ive got a program to open them but i cant find or see the textures lil help?
  2. ssj999vegeta

    plz edit sprite 4 me

    can sum1 edit the ssj powerup sprite so its red, ive tried before but i got all mixed up and i dont know what to do [edit] oh come on sum1 must be able to edit it for me
  3. J

    Hurray for Jap Pack!

    Boy, I sure am excited about the Japanese sound pack:yes:. I really dislike the american dub voices, especially during transformation. Ugh its not how Dragon Ball Z is meant to be expierenced. Thanks Freedom! Anyone else want the jap. sounds more than the american?