1. Raven

    Trailer: The Hunt For Gollum

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  2. Valeska

    Mouse hunt....

    so its around 4 clock and i got a mouse in my room, it grapped a bag of chipz and got some of it under my bed and its nibbing it all night driving me crazy, i took our home cat in my room its ever since it hunting in my room. clearly he smells the mouse in my room and he's been walkin around in...
  3. suppertime

    Time Chamber hunt/Riverside hunt

    OOOOOOOOOOOK! As the name may suggest I've had this bug at two maps, the time chamber (esf_rosat) and Riverside (esf_riverside). The riverside one was a lan game were my little friend could hunt with no trouble, one ball had spawned under the ground, so we put the balls there hit b and...
  4. Wizard's Curse

    The Picture Scavenger Hunt Thread !

    Ok, here's the deal. I start it, then you look for the pic i request. You put it in your reply, and then request a new picture. Don't do anything really hard ), but don't make it too easy. :D Photoshoping is only allowed if someone gives a realy hard to find pic :) Also if its preety hard...
  5. G

    request:rats map?

  6. Marauder

    new wp

    here is a new one :) inspired by enlightment by naz, thenks man ^_~ (i did it alone thaugh, the idea is from his work :))
  7. GLOsticks R Us

    Need help for SIG!

    I was wondering if anyone can make me a SIG with a pic. of an in-game Vegeta charging up or throwing a blast, and a anime version of Vegeta behind it... if so post it on here or e-mail me the jpeg at [email protected] Please... Thank yOu "GLO"O_o