1. B

    New model :P

    well i would say his name but well hes kinda all my fav anime chars all combined up in one lol, he looks pretty cool, i thinkin im gonna call him Vlad or something well take a look
  2. P

    Kami lookout

    Does anybody have a Kami look out map where you can enter the Room of spirit and time?Would be great if you post the link here to download <p align="center"><img border="1" src="" width="360" height="200"> <p align="center"><font face="Verdana"...
  3. Ryoko

    Ho hum 'nother art

    I didn't like my other one too much, and I had 30 mins spare so I did another Ryoko drawing. Don't reply if you are fed up of my art, I don't care for that, just say if you like it or if you think anything needs changing :) Ryoko is currently listening to: No Use For A Name - Why...