1. Theoboy

    Hullfile... where?

    Is there anybody who knows where I have to put the hulls.txt file to compile a map with a hullfile in Hammer?
  2. yopyop


    hello everybody i´ve got a ready map of the kame house but whenever i play the character is just half a metre above the ground!! now i´ve just heard that you need a hullfile.txt. where can i get it?? please help!!
  3. S

    Hull.txt (hullfile)

    i dont seem to have a hull file or hull.txt what do i need to do to get one or what do i need to install please help me thanks.
  4. E

    Use other maps on esf.

    Just wondering if you could get maps from different hl mods and play them in esf straight or do you have to do a conversion on them.
  5. Volrath

    Hulls... and more, HELP!

    hey guys...i neeed more help please, i don't know hot to put the hull file into my map, can someone explain it to me? and more, when i'lll create game, the map doens't appear to start the game, i have to create with another map and changelevel to my map, can anybody help me? thanks guys
  6. S


    How can i make an ESF map with quark
  7. imported_Da_G

    cant make a .bsp file

    I have searched for two hours to find a tutorial that tells me how to make a .bsp fil but when i find one i dont understand because im dutch so are there dutch people who want to give me a hand.
  8. H

    hullfile ! ! ! (°.°)

    Sry falls das in einem anderen thread schon beantwortet wurde aber ich hab den ganzen morgen schon gesucht und nichts gefunden ! Ich weiss es wurde in vielen threads beantwortet wie man die hullfile mit HLCC benutzt aber ich kann HLCC nirgends mehr finden und benutze deshalb TBCC das is fast...
  9. V


    i have insert the hullfile in the tools directorie and add this command line into the bsp section "C:\programme\valve hammer editor\tools\hlbsp.exe -hullfile hulls.txt", but ist doesnt work. plz,help!!
  10. D

    Custom maps and Floating

    Why is it that in all the custom maps i've played and maps I tried to make, the players float 10 feet off the ground when walking? Every time I play or make a map and fall out of the sky to walk, i'll be floating 10 feet off the ground. It looks like the player is walking on air. But in all...
  11. T

    Just a small question

    Hey people, justa small question, making a map and its got all waterfall, with small rocks poking out, how would i go about simulating a splash of some sort, i'm familiar with quake editing and stuff, so be as technical as you need to thx. The waterfalls shown here
  12. Optional


    TM_NorthHighway - FINISHED! images: DL link: click on ""...
  13. Warrior_Elite45!?

    I read in a tutorial that you need the file in order to begin mapping. I recently searched for this file and can't find it anywhere. Can anyone let me know what you can do about the whole thing? I would appreciate it.
  14. J

    esf crach with own maded map

    ive compiled it with zhlt253 when i enter esf and type map test in console it returns to desktop can anyone tell me why (btw, i dont understand the sticky about compiling ;/ )
  15. L

    Maps in the next version?

    Will there be new maps in the next version??? (silly question, i know!) :p