1. Shadow-DBU

    hows this?

    Heres some of my art. Almost everything is 2 years old, and since I dont have a scanner, Ill have to do with my digital camera. I wanted to put it on my own site first, but since it isnt finished, and no-one goes there anyway (click my sig!) ll just post it on here...
  2. OubliezJe

    Hows it going?

    HOws it going with the dbng 3d movies? or is some alreadty out and i dont know about it...
  3. J


    well, i got tired of doing human like characters, so heres a sonic model i made. I basically made it so i could try skinning it, although the face isnt made yet. lol maybe ill make supersonic, animate it and put it in esf lol i dont think thats gonna happen. I dont have time to do anything...
  4. K

    hows this sig? >crit plz

    hmm hmm?
  5. S

    oops yeah right!!

    here try my site alright?? or send me an e-mail And i olso will remember what you said. (hehe)
  6. K

    Hows mah new sig?

    Any one like? Edit: I was wonderin, how do u do rounded edges on a sig, like make corners transparent? I have tried but i have to turn it to Gif and then it looks bad at 256 colors. Any one help?
  7. T

    a request from everyone

    well im modeling a form 3 freeza and i need pics plz post them on here.... and bruno make this a stick since i lost my powers
  8. S

    hows my new sig?

  9. R

    First Post

    Well, I just signed up, just seeing how the message board works (BTW hows the sig for a first attempt?) Later <img src=" copy.jpg">
  10. B

    buu (gotenks) model

    it is my firs model using 3d studio max