1. Zeonix

    Hottest Planet around. I'd tap it. Good stuff.
  2. J

    Hottest guy in ESF!! Girls can vote (heck so can guys)

    ok I was bored, and thought this would be fun. to have a little 'competition' who is the cutest/hottest whatever on the forums :] *EDIT* I added the poll later on, and people can still post their pic, and i'll edit the poll so your name will be up. /*EDIT* so anyway, i'll start. here's my...
  3. B

    Hottest Girl In Naruto

    Well who do u guys think is the hottest girl in the show?!?!my pick is termia shes just a super hotty :laff: :shocked: :yes:
  4. {SSJ}Master

    DBZ's hottest babe (u asked for it :P)

    Hehehe, dont think im a sick bum, but someone asked for this and im sick of boring polls like "who is your fav character" or "fav attack" !!!! Yeah, you know it, fav babe in DBZ (if there are any)!!!!! P.S. Im no hentai pervert, i just think it is a funny poll :P
  5. G

    Hottest Dbz Chick

    bulma or 18? im gnna choose .......ummm........18