1. E

    Keeping my hopes up

    Hey guys.. My name is Eyedentity, some of you might remember me as o_0 PsychO. But I need to ask: Do some of you still intend to play 1.1? I know there are alot of threads about the comparisson between the different versions, but I remember quitting when 1.2 came out. I saw that reversed-esf...
  2. K

    HOPES for no "Clothes exchange" in ESF 1.3 and Kaio techniq as *cought* BulletTime;)

    Well just my two cents after loooooooong time:) Firstly, Clothes it probably will be as it is now, and I HOPE IT WILL BE, well the problem is everybody compare ESF 1.3 to EVM strongly because the transformations, well but EVM don't have they own models, soo people take what they can "to fill...
  3. Element4q2

    Bardock Finished

    Ok heres my "finished" Bardock model. Basically finished just have to add the scar to his cheek. Probably not the best picture but the new image host im using limits filesize. Credit to ESF Team for Vegeta body and SMo for the original face.
  4. Warrior_Elite45

    How Do You "Begin" Mapping

    Ok, I open worldcraft and then I'm lost. Haha I have no idea what to do, can anyone help me? All this stuff about configurating it comes up, and I have absolutely no idea what to do. So if anyone could help me on how to get started it would be great. Thanks.
  5. D

    how do i become a beta testeR?

    How do you become a betA tester?? :]