1. Majin_You

    Happy Birthday, honored inactive members!

    Happy 26th, 24th, and nth birthdays to Evil_Trunks, xstortionist, and TCiccarelli, respectively. If you don't know who these people are, you're one or more of the following: a) Too young. b) Ungrateful. c) Absent-minded. d) Just not cool. So a very happy birthday to the three of you...
  2. Hawki_ice

    Mari Gohan Experiment

    I got bored and decided to play around and learn a bit more about modeling! For this im using DC darkings armour! AZN's gohan and a skin (skin touch up) by Cheeseman! Also thanx 2 ssj 4 Gotenks What u think? I was thinking of changing His boots 2 Trunk's and mabe changing the color of...
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