1. Sicron

    Movie Poster homework assignment

    Well, as some of you know, I have recently begun on a graphics design school. Well, sort of, hard to explain what kind of school it is. Anyway, one of my assignments is to make a movie poster. Only requirements were that it was this size, the movie had to be called "It came from beneath" (how...
  2. HellBringer.

    help on homework'? o.O lol -_-a

    umm can anyone answer any of these questions? thanks i really need help -_- 3. Explain why huge tropical storms in the Northern Hemisphere form at a different time of the year than those in the Southern Hemisphere. 4. Describe briefly the disastrous short- and long- term effects of...
  3. d_s_gamefreak

    Homework Boring or Sucky?

    What do you think of Homework
  4. MinesSkylineR34

    New wp, screw homework

    i got tired of homework openned up photoshop and made this
  5. D


    HI! I am not sure if this should go in help but does anyone know where i can download models! Thanks Anyways