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    I'm just wondering if anyone else noticed this and if not, do you think(as i do)that the summery is way of,I just recently started watching bleach and this seems a little...****ed up
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    Offer FREE Hosting

    OK,i still see there many People here got some Problems during hosting a Picture,Models,Soundpacks and all this or have damned **** Hosting Sites. I allready have a good FTP for myself with 85MB of limited Webspace (Who ever wants to know,its a Strato Web Hosting). Since i give up starting...
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    Planet Vegeta Map

    for a map, we need planet vegeta, where the gravity would be 10 times greater, so your pl would increase just by walking around, even though i know you cant do that. but we do need a map of planet vegeta, and maybe higher gravity... maybe....