1. T

    HELP with HLTV

    Good afternoon, I am having problems with HLTV! I wanted to make a video of my clan! To record the DEMO I used the HLTV in the hope of that the recorded demo would be as of the game counter-strike where I could change the camera that I am seeing, the caracter and others? But when I...
  2. john_volkov

    specator cam ,hltv

    so i think esf's camera suld be more to control like in specator mod , you can se an player and like in game you can move the camera whithe the normal butons,ijkl, to see around him for more detalins , and maybe add there PL,life, Specator suld have Scouter to , and the hltv suld really work...
  3. M


    Hi guys, I read most of threads about HLTV and the last one which was posted was posted in 2003.. So are you guys going to implement HLTV in ESF ? Cause it would make movies A LOT easier to do and A LOT more beautiful... So we could make real fighting clips ( with true ingame fights, in...
  4. M

    HLTV ?!?

    Hello guys, I was wondering if HLTV actually works with ESF... I tried several times recording matches with HLTV, but looks like the camera doesn't work, the HLTV doesn't go in spectator mode, stays outside and can't be moved ... It works quite well with CS, so... Is it just me having a...
  5. J

    hltv? help lol plz

    sup uhm i dunno how to veiw my server through hltv basicly cause im a dumb ass can ne one help ?
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