1. S

    Hitler found in Splinter Cell Conviction!!!

    Well at least I think it's him...
  2. sub

    Everybody kills Hitler on their first trip..

    http://www.abyssandapex.com/200710-wikihistory.html I thought it was a pretty ingenious short story.
  3. KidMan

    Hitler: Genius or Lunatic

    First off, this isn't a thread to praise Hitler for killing the jews. This is a topic to discuss wither or not he was a genius. Not a genius as in killing the jews (again, this isn't what the topic is about) but a genius in the way of his speeches. I think he was a genius because he made so...
  4. T

    my 15 min brolli skin by metro

    my 15 min brolli skin by metro *update* 15 mins to make, not nearly done witht he chest the skin dont look to good from this pic because when i converted it to gif i frigged it up... but this is it so far....