1. Hamppu

    more hitboxes

    well this would be interesting. if u put the model almoust full of hitboxes. ;D rofl... and some critical places what hitboxes are damn small. and it's almoust impossible to hit 'em. but if u do. u do massive dmg or a critical kill that gives u 2-3 frags ^^ here is the basic idea...
  2. K

    arg hude hitboxes

    when someone swoops next to u, i mean right next to u, u will still get it, because of huge hitboxes, especially when u kick them, they are way off further than u are but u stll hit them, i heard that all hitboxes are messed up in all hl mods, is this the reason? :shocked: :shocked:
  3. C


    Some of the hitboxes are too big is this a glitch?