1. Mr.Lukyas

    Vegeta highlights

    Vegeta is a realy cool char. I love his char. Can anyone remember this quote: "Has the machine like you, ever felt a fear?":\
  2. TRSS

    facesets and highlights

    how do you make it so you can see the reference plane on 3dsmax when you use facestes and highlight i can see it fine on smooth and hightlights but when i use facesets the ref pic just turns grey
  3. SSJ n00b


    with what program i make folds to skins give dl link
  4. Raven Blade

    WIP - Vegeta (Saiyan)

    I had this vegeta model lyin around and finally got around 2 skinning it, as you can see its not done yet ^.^, but any CnC would b helpful....
  5. B

    Goku drawing

    I was kinda bored this weekend so i drew a pretty cool pic of goku in Photoshop, i made it big enough for a wallpaper if u want to use it as one http://home.fuse.net/teuschlr/Goku1.gif Comments Welcome, Enjoy