1. NightShade

    Still shocked *hides*

    That noone has made new themes. Would love to see a total change to esf. Like custom chars. *I had a vampire type dude and a gothic looking trunks last versions* Having cloud. vegeta and other people are cool and all. I was just hoping to see how well you guys can make a custom char...
  2. N

    Vegeta Model

    So far i have frontal torso done heres some pics crits plz. I used MSpaint to cut out the torso area of the ref pic i used to give you an idea on how a scartch skin will work for it :)
  3. S

    How do i open a current esf map in the map editor?

    I was wondering if someone could tell me how to open an esf map with hammer editor?
  4. Pommy

    Light Scream or Pommy?

    this wasn't my idea. it was light scream's :X
  5. M

    :: Some of my gfx ::

    Here they are, ill show some more later..