1. webber

    Hidding your pl

    PowerLevel hidding would be an interesting feature. It will make it possible to do stealth atacks or just hide. Of course in 'stealth mode' one should only be able to run/fly on a normal speed. Plus this is a comon thing in DBZ.
  2. -{VC}-EsKiMo

    hidding ur pl

    there should be a vottun 2 lower and rasie ur pl so u can be less notice about by scooters.
  3. S

    Hidding Powers & Taunts

    have these been suggested? like an Auto Taunt like in UT2003/URT, and hide your powers by pressing "H" then when every you attack it turns off, like turbo, it turns off when you power up. It should go to like 1. or somthing,
  4. D

    Free Sig!

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