1. S

    City of Heros?

    has anyone heard of this game? http://www.cityofheroes.com/ looks pretty sweet, you design ur own superhero with powers you want and its a massive online RPG...... well yeah, it looks awesome, i hope my pc will handle it :p
  2. DBZFever

    Someone help me wit this drawing

    can someone help me finish this guys legs and hands. If youre going to use him somewhere ask me first, and if its a hentai site your answer is no right now.
  3. U

    Clash: Western vs. Eastern pop heros!

    I've been wondering about this and I'm sure people will love to post their thoughts on it too: Who would win a classic battle between Superman and (your choice of most powerful DBZ character)? Note: --I say DB"Z", though you may read "classic" however you like. --"Joining forces"...
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