1. P

    esf evm error helpme! pliss

    hello I am new and it wanted me who helped a little ^^ here me good ba XD then lowers esf to me 1.2.3 and him a?adi addon evm and soon evm model pack so that it did not have problem with models but single I can nothing else be raised a level when trying to make the transformation I number 2...
  2. S

    client.dll plz helpme

    i use steam already and i got the beta thing and the patch and it still says i got wrong client.dll and i tried 6 differant servers some1 help me please im not sure if i got the latest patch though could some 1 gime the link so i can try it
  3. A

    Plz help-me

    In Especial Super Forces, i loading this game, and maps But, in map, say this error bitmap anyone can help me?
  4. L


    I have been playing and i tryed bumping my graphis as high as they can go. But when i bump everything then the transform graphics go to low. y does it change automaticaly. PLZZZZ HELP ME
  5. F


    Hello, somebody knows me to say why that every time that I will install ESF Bot setup of the mistake in .DLL MSVBVM60.DLL? Here speech that she was not found. I am from Brazil and I administer the síte, am founder of the channel #ESF in Brasnet ( I...
  6. Colgetto

    Post count stopped! HELPme!,,, APOCALIPSE!!!

    my post-count stopped,.....WTH? i posted like 10 times but it just stopped at 107
  7. D

    Client.dll Problem Can Anyone Helpme?

    :cry: :cry: :cry: How i fix this problem!! half-life show this menssage: could not load libary client.dll when i try to enter in the game how i fix it?? please!!
  8. T


    I want learn know where i grab a bot to ESF 2.0 and where i grab a script to go SSJ mode in the game and i dont know where i install the script,because when i install the script i'm see a ERROR of client DLL and i know why this error is by Corrige. I know too where i grab the models to ESF to...
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