1. T

    To all ADMINS + to all who helped create esf

    I would personally like to thank your for this mod i have posted these everywhere so no one missed it. I would like to ask your permission to bring ESF to HL2 and yes i will not be porting it i want to make it from the ground up to take all of the HL2 graphics and stuff to add to esf. I do not...
  2. Gogeta91

    new modeler,lookin for ussj trunks

    Hi im a new modeler and i love playin ESF. I want to know if nyone has a Ussj trunks model and/or tell me a great program to make them. :talk:
  3. Dante7524

    No one helped me in the help section so I came here.

    Hey, This is my 2nd post. I started a thread just like this in the help section, and it says 25 ppl read it, but not one of them replied. So I'm posting this in the newbie section where hopefully someone WILL reply and possibly help me. I'm having trouble getting into/creating games on the net...
  4. Death The Jedi


    New background/wp thing I made... z3r0 helped me with the font, and he darkened the background a little bit:
  5. S

    bigger kamehameha

    check this out. i made the kamehameha sprite as big as it could get with sprite veiw and wizard. ill have a download limk vey soon. :)
  6. saiyanslayer

    Gif Thx

    My new avatar is the result. I thank you all who helped.
  7. M

    milkshape3d edits

    how do you edit the models for esf? i have milkshape 3d but i can only open MS3d files. how do you open mdl files with milkshape3d?
  8. C

    a problem with the sig

    í don't know how i can get my sig under my tekst ;D O_O :p :tired: :cry:
  9. Loki

    Help with milkshape

    Can someone give me the webpage and some really good tutorials for milkshape i really wanna learn to model.
  10. P

    I need to know!

    How do u make the skin on models expand over the legs or arms if your with me. I mean like cloth follows the body and expands to the movemeny! If anyone knows i can start making models and maybe start making my own mod!
  11. T

    my 15 min brolli skin by metro

    my 15 min brolli skin by metro *update* 15 mins to make, not nearly done witht he chest the skin dont look to good from this pic because when i converted it to gif i frigged it up... but this is it so far....