1. shadowcast

    need help(again)

    So yeah, i wanna know how to compile a mdl with multiple textures :S that aren't used but so that a game engine can load them up later on
  2. S


    Ok, first off I dont know 1 thing about modeling, skins or anything. And I need help geting started, I saw the stickys and the tatorials and everything. But I dont get it, can somebody(if they have the time) break it down for me. Thanks-hank
  3. N

    guess what! .........right.... i need help....AGAIN

    can some1 give me a site with good dbz videos? that would be nice for making video's
  4. S

    Map help!!(again)

    ok when i got to test the map i see the loading screen then i goes to the console...but i get the error: domes/c:\halflife\esf\maps not found on server...its in my esf directory! what do i do? (or did?)